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Random Sites

Random Sites is a webpage I put together containing scores of interesting, informative and fun websites I’ve discovered over years of browsing.  It gets updated weekly and I will also be publishing the updates to the Parallel Divergence blog.

Stu's Random Sites

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1. Friendlypig - 26 February, 2008

Hi Stu

Great Website but a pity many of the videos and some of the other pieces have been blocked or withdrawn.

I haven’t anywhere near finished yet but it’s kept me quiet for a while.

Fantastic phots of the Lenticular Clouds, no wonder that they get mistaken for UFOs. And the You Tube Video on the Ultra Deep field just magnificent.

I don’t know where you fond them all.

2. paralleldivergence - 26 February, 2008

Random surfing is one of my hobbies Friendlypig. Unfortunately the dynamic nature of the internet means some of these great sites will come and go.

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