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My Videos

Yes, yes. I’ve even produced some videos over the years.  Here are some I’ve posted at YouTube and at Vimeo.

All We Are is Dust in the Wind

A mash-up video reliving and reflecting on the Sydney Dust Storm in September 2009.

Jeopardy Gameshow Maker

A brief introductory and instructional video in the use of one of my freely available programs called Stu’s Double Jeopardy!

The Needle and the Damage Done

Neil Young’s amazing but brief song perfectly reflects the lives of many a drug addict. This video borrows images from the Net to produce the video that should have been made for this song.



Brad & Phil’s Information R/evolution

Brad & Phil finally make their YouTube debut in a great discussion of Dr Michael Wesch’s Information R/evolution video. This is a video you really have to concentrate on.  This one was actually made by my son under my direction.


Back in 1970, a UK band called Rare Bird wrote and released this beautiful song called Sympathy. This video I created takes images from the Web to produce an amazing song more poignant to today than it was all those years ago.


One man’s infuriating battles with a speed camera!

You Don’t Love Me Anymore

A montage constructed with funny images A montage constructed with funny images found on the Internet played against this great track by Weird Al Yankovic. 

Family Snaphot

This one was actually created by my son, with every image carefully posed using “G-Mod”. It’s a powerful retelling of the brilliant Peter Gabriel track and highly recommended!



1. yhurg - 20 November, 2006

the sympathy video was touching. never heard the song before. thank you for sharing.

2. Jannette - 6 February, 2007

Snap! is hilarious. lol

3. radar69 - 4 October, 2007

You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Now that was funny…

4. Art - 21 October, 2007

I love the song Family Snapshot and what’s been done with it here is simply amazing. Thanks for that.

5. ummmm I don't know - 3 December, 2007

None of them seem to be available?

6. paralleldivergence - 3 December, 2007

Try access them from a PC where YouTube is not blocked.

7. honorarynewfie - 25 January, 2008

Haven’t heard “Sympathy” for years !
Nice one bro… that’s going in next week’s Pub Quiz

8. teeny - 17 June, 2008

Stu, I laughed so much at SNAP.. thankyou for the giggles after a long day at work!

9. paralleldivergence - 17 June, 2008

Glad you liked it Teeny. I was chuckling as I made it… 🙂

10. Audrey Nay - 24 June, 2009

Stu, I thought that you would have been more subtle.
The red seat belt holder thing was shouting “oops” from the first SNAP.
Still enjoyed the concept
Love that the family are working together and having fun!
On ya!
Really wish you would consider moving to the wonderful North Coast!!
Love what you continue to do there in Sydney.

11. paralleldivergence - 24 June, 2009

Thanks Audrey. I’d like to think my pitiful attempts at movie making helped my kids become as creative as they are. 🙂

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