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The Needle and the Damage Done 2 March, 2008

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The unexpected demise of famous young people due to “accidental” drug overdoses has dotted modern history. Janis Joplin, John Belushi, River Phoenix, Kurt Cobain, and Heath Ledger all succumbed to an addiction that snatched away their lives when they were in their prime. While crystal-meth, crack and ecstasy are now the most “popular” of illicit drugs, Heroin still remains the pinnacle.




A Tribute to the Internet’s Funny Photos 9 January, 2007

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I’ve spent way too long at goofingoff.com – I have to finish that report I’m supposed to be doing. Let’s see. The eleven major Ad Valorem rates reduced to Central Excise of 16%, Merit Rate of 8% and Demerit Rate of 24%. [You have new mail]. What? I don’t have time for this! It’s from Jerry. [Subject: You gotta see this!]. I don’t have time now Jerry! My God! How many times has this been forwarded before it got to me? Bwahaha! That’s so cool! I have to forward this to the rest of the accounts team!

 Windows Vista crash


Sympathy is what we need, my friends… 16 December, 2006

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We all live in our little boxes, struggling with our own little problems. Our experience of the world is based on what we see on TV or what we read on the Internet. The media tells us what they want us to hear – a politician made an embarrassing mistake, a celebrity was seen out with another celebrity last night and the amazing pet dog found its way home after being missing for two months.  But is this really what’s important in our world?

The Earth at Night


iPods Reinforce the Throwaway Society 28 November, 2006

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I sometimes feel sorry for the youth of today. While their world is one full of information, communication, interaction and technology, they are missing out on so much that we had just one generation ago. Although the 70’s and 80’s were only twenty or so years ago, the differences in society are staggering. The biggest change I have noticed is time. Now there is no time for anything. E-mail, voice-mail, cell phones, longer working hours and multi-skilling are the order of the day. The end of the working day and home time have become blurred. Back then, there was plenty of time – to think, to breathe, to listen to and appreciate music – to enjoy life.

Throwaway music...


Family Snapshot 13 November, 2006

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For some people, life blossoms and pampers. For me, life aches.

Why is your life spent in eternal sunshine while mine is in perpetual fog? I commute sixty miles each day just to make ends meet while you have no concept of what either end actually is. People hang on your every word. People hang up on me.

Family Snapshot