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Heath Ledger: Dead at 28 23 January, 2008

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January 22 2008: What a shocking, tragic waste. An all too stunning but brief spectacle – like a meteorite that flashes across the midnight sky. At only 28 years of age, a young man in the prime of his emerging career is dead. What can you say? What can anyone say?

The Joker

You keep clicking Refresh on the Google News page and the details remain sketchy. What is it that draws young people with the entire world at their feet to risk obliteration by chasing a thrill that is brought about by performing chemistry experiments inside their own head? Is this one and only world that we get a lone chance to experience so totally screwed up that an early exit to nothingness is really a desired outcome? Why live at all in the first place?

Heath had everything in front of him. The Dark Knight and Ledger’s reportedly stunning portrayal of The Joker is now more than ever the most highly anticipated film release of 2008. How will cinema-goers now react to the film? Will the originally expected fan-reaction be one of thrills, excitement and awe? Or will we realise that Heath actually shows more of his own character in his playing of The Joker and will all feelings toward this amazing motion picture tend toward sorrow and despair?

We as a society and as a race must do something about this. We mustn’t let Heath Ledger’s passing just get tacked onto a neverending list of fallen stars. Life means more than that.

Heath Ledger, Rest in Peace.

Heath Ledger



1. Amanda - 23 January, 2008

This is the worst news that has hit me for a long time. Heath was far too talented. How could this have happened?

2. Simon G - 23 January, 2008

All I can say is what about his poor 2 y.o. daughter? She deserves better than this.

3. Joker Lover - 23 January, 2008

Nooooo! Heath was going to be my future husband! See you on the other side my love.

4. Michelle - 23 January, 2008

When will people realise that drugs really shouldn’t be messed with? They still haven’t reported whether it was suicide or an accidental overdose (not sure how you accidentally overdose on sleeping pills though), but either way, your life is too precious to be putting chemical shit in your mouth and veins.

Was it depression that caused this? They may end up saying it was. But where were Heath’s friends? Where were his family?

5. Jenny Marchant - 23 January, 2008

I fell in love with Heath with “10 Things I Hate About You” and I’ve steadily been watching his growing star and ability. I have been so deflated by the horrible news today. What have we as a society come to, to allow this to happen?

6. Mark B King - 23 January, 2008

@Michelle (#4):

You have to remember that some (ill) people need those chemicals in order to survive! But you’re right. People need to be more aware of the dangers of drugs, and as you rightly say, people need to be more aware of each other.

Thanks for the article P.D. It is a sad day.

7. paralleldivergence - 23 January, 2008

Thanks for your thoughts everyone. The best (if you can call it that) news report I’ve found is this one from the London Daily Mail:


8. Happydevil - 24 January, 2008

He will be missed. He was a great actor and I couldn’t wait to see him on-screen portraying my favourite comic villain, and from what we all saw it’s going to be amazing. A true tribute to his life and career, his final performance will be his best.

May he Rest in Peace.

9. Mr. Fortynine - 31 January, 2008

May he rest in Peace….

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