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Forget your Day-Job. Become a Psychic! 18 January, 2007

Posted by paralleldivergence in education, Life, My Thoughts, psychics.

There seems to be an overwhelming number of “gifted” individuals on this planet. Just look at the classifieds in the newspaper or the advertising section in the back of virtually any women’s magazine. And for anywhere between $3 and $6 a minute, you can gain telephone access to them or their “team”.


MONEY – FUTURE – HAPPINESS – CAREER – LOVE. These words are very meaningful and important to just about everyone on Earth. By focussing on providing “services” that encompass these five words, psychics have access to a neverending supply of hopeful and often desperate customers in a market that’s riding an enormous wave of paranormal belief. In this totally unregulated market, the potential for making money is almost limitless.

You’ve seen the ads. You’ve seen the TV Shows: Medium, The Ghost Whisperer, Psychic Investigators, Crossing Over, The Dead Zone and several more. The acceptance level has never been higher. So why would you wait to jump on this bandwagon? According to the Psychic Advice website: “The ability to become psychic is within all of us. For you to become a true ‘psychic’ you must first learn to switch your mindset from yourself and onto another person as the center point. Your focus should be centered on the inner workings of that person as it relates to the world they live in. Becoming a psychic reader requires patience and practice.”

You can even get your children involved. According to the School Library Journal, Helaine Becker’s Are You Psychic? The Official Guide for Kidsis a “solid offering for kids interested in honing their paranormal skills”. There’s a lot more credibility in someone who’s been psychic since they were a child.

Or, you could do what most psychics do. Hone your cold-reading skills. If you’ve tried to move that compass needle with just your mind. If you’ve tried to bend that spoon by just softly rubbing it with your hands. If you’ve tried to heal your grandmother’s lung cancer and failed, don’t give up! There’s not much money in doing those things anyway. Just practise this 13 point guide to cold reading. You won’t be disappointed and neither will your friends. And when you’ve amazed them, they’ll tell their friends and bang! There’s your first customers.

But if you want to make some real money, you need to have some real psychic skills and you need to be able to demonstrate them under specific conditions. There must be real psychics out there that know next Monday’s Lotto numbers, or know which three horses will win the Trifecta down at the track. That should be a pretty simple task for anyone who can “see” into the future. It’s strange that you never hear about them.

The other option is if you can prove that you can do telekenesis or telepathy or speak with someone’s dead relatives, then why not go for one of the many Psychic Challenges that are now on offer from various Skeptics societies around the world?

How’s $100,000 sound from the Australian Skeptics? What’s more, if you don’t want to nominate yourself, but one of your satisfied customers decides to and you accept – and you succeed – your customer will receive $20,000! How many customers are there out there that would love to get some of the money back that they outlayed to their psychic?

Or, you could go for the big one. James Randi’s $1 Million Psychic Challenge from the James Randi Educational Foundation. But you’d better be quick. From April 1st, 2007, the challenge will be closed to all but the most famous psychics. In order to participate in Randi’s Challenge, you will have to first have had your special skill highlighted on a TV show, magazine article or book. And from April 1st, Randi will be calling out the big guns – John Edward, Uri Geller, Sylvia Browne and James van Praagh. These high-profile psychics are going to have to put up or shutup. According to Randi, “rather than merely waiting for applicants to present themselves, we will regularly and officially highlight well-known persons in the field and challenge them directly by name. Those challenged will then have a six-month period during which they may respond; during that period the JREF will heavily publicize the fact that such a challenge has been issued, we will issue press releases on the matter, and we will be frequently asking that those challenged make a response”.

Interestingly enough, even though this challenge started in 1964 with a $1,000 prize, no “psychic” has ever passed a preliminary test. None of the other challenges offered by skeptics the world over have ever been won either. Why?

John Edward has flat-out refused Randi’s requests to meet in the past. Browne has twice accepted but reneged. Uri Geller had this fabulous encounter with Randi on the Johnny Carson show way back in the 70’s. This video clip also shows how Randi busted televangelist Peter Popoff’s “divine” powers.

Roll on April Fool’s Day! Personally, I can’t wait!

Brad & Phil #16



1. tobeme - 18 January, 2007

Fun post! I love the guide to doing a cold reading. I will be using this.

The interesting part of this is how many people are so desperate to find something out about themselves that they can use to try to shape their future. The sad part is that they know everything they need to know already. There is no reason to try to tune into a psychic.

2. paralleldivergence - 19 January, 2007

Thanks tobeme! As I said, the marketplace for psychics is almost limitless. The terrible tale of Shawn Hornbeck has really shown psychics in a new light – have a read: http://skeptico.blogs.com/skeptico/2007/01/hornbeck_browne.html

3. Cassie - 19 January, 2007

“But if you want to make some real money, you need to have some real psychic skills and you need to be able to demonstrate them under specific conditions. There must be real psychics out there that know next Monday’s Lotto numbers, or know which three horses will win the Trifecta down at the track. That should be a pretty simple task for anyone who can “see” into the future. It’s strange that you never hear about them.”

Clearly such a challenge was created by an idiot who is incapable of understanding the laws of physics. Psychic’s predictions are not repeatable and are unpredictable predictions, otherwise they would have been already described by equations. They are like events with probability 0 – they happen all the time, but we realize it only after they have happened.

4. hawk - 24 January, 2007

Test Me! Ive been comunicating with those that have crossed all my life as well as doing healings for yrs Im fed up as well with the controversy over what those of us with real abilities do. So I accept the challenge youve made send me an aplication. Just a humble non profile REAL psychic.

5. knightofswords - 3 February, 2007

My intuition told me I needed to get out the Tarot cards. The cards referred me to the I Ching. The I Ching told me to look within myself. Back to square one, I guess.

6. john wells - 19 March, 2007

Sylvia Brown is in “the business” for her own fame, a poor motive. While, yes, I do make some of my living from giving readings, the motivation is genuinelly philanthropic. People will listen to a reader when they won’t listen to a doctor, lawyer, or minister. It’s sad, but very true. That simple fact provides an enormous oportunity to be of service to others.
Note, you will never convince anyone but a moron that you are psychic using the 13 steps. There are alot of morons in the world.

7. paralleldivergence - 20 March, 2007

Thanks John for your comment. Certainly some would argue that John Edward’s form of psychic advice is harmless, i.e. offering positive closure on a subject that may therwise have been depressing them. But another could argue that providing this type of closure will not assist them when their next loved one “passes over”. Instead, a professional grief counselor may have provided them with the tools, knowledge and skills to better manage their feelings and emotions, without the use of chicanery.

8. Amber - 26 April, 2007

I really don’t agree that the psychic ability is in all of us. Either you have it or you don’t. I work as a psychic and believe me when I tell you, there are loads of hustlers out there.

9. paralleldivergence - 26 April, 2007

Thanks Amber, you didn’t really say whether you actually have a psychic ability…

10. charese - 19 October, 2007

will i ever beome a movie star.will i ever be a psychic

11. Rob - 10 December, 2007

Cassie, things with probability of 0 don’t happen. They can’t. If something with a probability of 0 does happen, that means that it’s not actually 0, but somebody decided to round it off to 0 for all practical purposes. It doesn’t mean that incredibly unlikely things can’t happen and still be scientifically understandable.

The probability that, as a human, I will get wing cancer, is 0.

12. porsha - 19 April, 2008

Well i am a psychic and i am looking for a job on how to become a phone psychic.

13. paralleldivergence - 20 April, 2008

Don’t look for a job Porsha, just go and create one for yourself. Sign up with the phone company for a premium phone number, place an ad in the back pages of any popular women’s magazine (why are those ads not in men’s magazines?) and wait for the phone to ring. Teach yourself how to keep the sucke… umm-client on the phone to provide them with the quality service that they need. “Madame Porsha” – sounds good. I see bright things for you in the future.

Noelani Rodriguez - 21 January, 2012

Check out Psychic FAQ at NoelaniRodriguez.Com

. Skeptics are so 70s. 😉

14. Carrie A - 11 May, 2008

There are truly some gifted people out there – trouble is they over-promise and things go to their head too often. Blindly having someone make your decisions for you is dangerous. Our future is subject to our individual decisions, not what someone says it is or will be. Guidance, perspective, and confirmation should be the goal – not looking for someone to tell you what to do or what decision to make. I am a “conduit” for information, which comes with a great deal of responsibility and should not be taken lightly. It’s a shame more people don’t remember that fact.
A few bad apples often make it difficult for so many who are truly gifted.
Lying to people who trust you to provide honest info – repulsive and inexcusable.

15. paralleldivergence - 12 May, 2008

Hi Carrie, when you say there are some “gifted” people out there, what tangible, testable gifts do they actually have? What is it you can do that others can’t?

16. Carrie A - 12 May, 2008

Here is an example I hope helps to explain: We as human beings can pretty much all run. Some of hate to run, and some of us dont mind running but choose not to, and some of us love to run. The one who loves to run, can run like the wind, finding the natural rhythm the body falls into for heightened performance, etc. and make it look so effortless – the one whose desires and natural abilities come together is often refered to as “gifted”. When I say gifted, I am not excluding anyone per say. But I do believe there are those who are naturally inclined and atuned to certain things that others have to work at a bit harder.

17. paralleldivergence - 13 May, 2008

Thanks Carrie. I assume your special gift is not “running”, but you’ve given me no clue as to what it actually is.

18. Carrie A - 13 May, 2008

Actually, if you’ll read my previous post, I specifically state “I am a “conduit” for information, which comes with a great deal of responsibility and should not be taken lightly.” But to be more direct, I am someone who provides intuitive information to others.

Too many honest people who have a heart burdened with helping others are being lumped into a category based on others who share their profession, but go about it with little to no integrity.

Caution is understood and expected, but a little bit of an open mind and receptiveness to the possibility that not every one is out to scam someone would be a good start. Not everything that cannot easily be explained is a hoax or a scam.

Carrie A

19. Keen: Simplicity : Talented? - 13 May, 2008
20. paralleldivergence - 14 May, 2008

Hi Carrie. A “conduit” is used to link one location to another to allow what’s inside to go from one place to another. You say you are the conduit for “information” to a person who needs that information, meaning they are the destination, but you don’t say “what” the other end is? What/who is the origin of the information?

I assume if it can work over a telephone line, it can also work over the internet?

21. Carrie A - 17 May, 2008

I am not an advocate for witchcraft, or any hocus pocus BS that people try to attribute this information to. I believe we are all energetically connected together because we share the connection to our creator, God. Because we all share an energetic connection, I believe that is the primary source of the information.

Thoughts are also generated by energy, which is transmitted as well.

I cannot pretend to know how it all works, only to have what I believe to be a general understanding of how it could be possible. I don’t think everyone who claims to be, is genuinely a conduit for information. As I stated previously, I believe that this come swith a tremendous amount of responsbility.

I’ll further explain where I stand in my next blog post.

22. Carrie A - 17 May, 2008
23. Carrie A - 17 May, 2008

The “Psychic Debate” – copied from the Keen link listed above:

The “Psychic” Debate
I am often asked about how it is that we who claim to have access to information actually obtain that information. I realize, on this topic, my views are different than many and not nearly as “left-field” as some, but it is what I believe. If you are one of the people who reads this and find that my views differ from yours, then that’s how it will have to be. I intend no disrespect to anyone, and you have a right to disagree with me. So, here is my truth, in answer to the questions most often asked about how I seem to have access to information about other people.

First of all, I don’t like the word “psychic” because it seems to imply something mysterious or hoodoo-voodoo about things. I view myself as a conduit for information – information that is not mine, but that I can access and pass along to another person. No disrespect to those who are fine with that title – but myself, I prefer not to use it because of the things people typically associate with the label.

So to the question about the source of the information…

I believe we all share a common connection through our creator, God. Because we share that common connection, we all share a pool of information. Now to pretend that I completely know and understand all of this would be a lie. But I believe that we are all connected together and that those who truly have the ability to tune into this information consciously are those who are to help guide others and facilitate their growth as a person. The spirit has needs, which are usually overridden by the flesh. But we ARE spiritual beings. We are simply housed in a physical body.

To me, this is not about hocus-pocus, voodoo, witchcraft, or anything else normally associated with the word “psychic”. I don’t believe in foretelling people’s future, only helping them to see the potential outcomes based on their current choices. We all have free will to choose, and if we don’t like how things are going, we simply need to make different choices.

I have been aware of my ability/talent/gift (whatever you want to call it) since I was a child, my first clear memory being at the age of five. I was raised by a Pentecostal preacher in the Bible Belt of Texas, and I had a grandfather who was also a Pentecostal preacher. Although I was raised to believe in biblical prophecy and the miracles of Christ (and I do believe), it’s not like I grew up with people who think this stuff is genuine or acceptable in terms of what most people label as psychic. I’ve struggled all my life to reconcile just how I was to use my abilities to help others and why I had access to information about things I could not do anything about. I remember the dreams I had for two weeks about a small child in a car and the feeling of dread and heat and then, after two weeks, the dreams suddenly stopped. The next evening on the news, I saw a picture of the child I had seen in my dreams, and she had suffocated in a hot car. I was devastated. It was a crossroads for me.

The other significant thing that has impacted me is that I knew about what we now call 9/11 exactly 40 days before it happened. I saw things that now make perfect sense, but at the time could have been interpreted several different ways. I knew it was something big and I knew it was New York, but I couldn’t figure it all out. I contemplated going to the authorities, but what was I going to say…”I had this dream of cars and debris on top of fire trucks, firemen trapped, airplane fuel, and buildings coming down”??? They lock people up for less than that, and who would have listened anyway since we’re all ‘crazy and fake’? A friend of mine who I had been sharing my dreams with, was the first to call me when it happened and said “this is what you dreamed”. I knew the buildings were coming down and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Of course it made sense after it happened, but nothing is ever that simple when you’re trying to interpret the information. It’s like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle when you aren’t sure you have all the pieces and each piece could go several different places.

The other trouble is that people think just because you have this information, that you always know and understand what it means all the time. It is devastating to a degree and difficult to bear when you do not always know the purpose for what information you become aware of. By the same token, there is information that requires discernment, and should be used to help a person without necessarily telling them everything you have been shown. It’s a huge responsibility.

It is for these reasons that I become extremely angry with people who want to play at this, like it’s a school-yard game or act like they know everything about everyone and everything. We weren’t meant to know everything and we should treat what information we do have access to as delicate. You’re dealing with people’s lives and it’s anything but a game.

Maybe I’m just one of those people who you can consider stupid enough to reveal that it isn’t something we can all explain or that we don’t know everything about everything and everyone. But it’s the truth. I don’t believe it comes from any karmic board, any spirit of some famous guru or anything like that, and I believe that anyone who tells you it is should be avoided like the plague. But I do believe that whether or not we can fully explain how it all works, we still have an obligation to use the information wisely and to understand that it comes with tremendous responsibility. My heart aches for anyone who thinks otherwise.

Published Friday, May 16, 2008 10:31 AM by Carrie A

24. paralleldivergence - 17 May, 2008

Hi Carrie. Thanks for sharing this. I’m very impressed by your attitude to your “gift” and your rejection of how most “psychics” ply their trade – even if I struggle to accept that it’s anything but delusion. Certainly, if “visions of the future” (and the near future in your case) appear without context, they can be difficult to interpret, let alone report to authorities. But you’v got a blog, and entries are dated. Why not document your visions as you get them for anyone in th world to see? Then, if/when something does happen that has clear links to one of your visions, you’ve got some real evidence. The more hits the better, and the more people will listen to you if you have consistent and accurate (not general and vague) predictions.
Where is such a blog on the internet? Who (with your skills) is doing this now?

25. Carrie A - 17 May, 2008

Post copied from post on Keen:

Parrallel Divergenc:
You make a good point. I guess I never really thought of blogging about things like that. Heck, I don’t think I knew what blogging was in 2001…lol. Really!

But you do make a good point. I imagine someone out there is doing it, although I don’t know of any personally. I will certainly plan to do so myself.

I know people are skeptical. And they should be. There are a lot of opportunity driven people claiming untrue things as with anything else. But there are also genuinely gifted people in this arena who understand the responsibility and the seriousness of it.

I appreciate your openness to at least debate the information and ask questions. It would be great if more people were as receptive.

Carrie A
Friday, May 16, 2008 6:26 PM by Carrie A

26. Carrie A - 17 May, 2008

As a side note, I would think there should be a place where people can post things they think are going to happen, but that won’t panic the general population. For example, in early 2002, I had a strong impression that Chicago was the next intended terrorist target and that a major water problem would be part of the concern, possibly a distraction or means that allowed the plan to be carried out.

Now, nothing has ever come of it and since I don’t know much about Chicago, I can only tell you that other people have given different opinions on what would make Chicago a target.

Although nothing has happened in Chicago that I know of to date (and no, I am not one to keep up with all the latest happenins), I have never gotten a release or feeling as though that concern was removed, only delayed. This is six years ago and I still believe there is a connection of intention there for some reason.

So here’s your fist “someone posted it”. It’s things like this that we pray to God we are wrong about or that there is something that has been deterred or dismantled to prevent these types of things.

And yes, we take alot of ridicule if we are stupid enough to do what I just did and put it out there for the world to know. But I stand by it, as it’s the only honest thing to do.

27. paralleldivergence - 17 May, 2008

There are plenty of people offering predictions, but there are next to no specifics, just generalities. Where there are specifics, there are no timeframes, so it’s open-ended. Where there are timeframes, they are always wrong – doomsday predictions etc.

If you foresaw 9/11 40 days before the event, and that was the regular timeframe for other predictions, then it would be testable. A vision of something happening in Chicago back in 2002 and it still not happening in 2008 starts getting away from predictions and into the realm of probability. Had you said back in 1998 that an earthquake will someday hit China and will kill 50,000 has a high chance of happening. Massive population, shanty towns, poverty and a history of seismic activity tell us that chances are high. But had you predicted it in March or April that it would happen in May, then that’s something special. Then if you can repeat your accuracy, you’d be famous.

Why are there no such near future, accurate sages on the planet now?

28. Carrie A - 17 May, 2008

Thanks for the great discussion, Parallel Divergence! Feel free to copy the close of our conversation to here so anyone who wants to read it.
Also – I dont think I said it before, but for what it’s worth, myself and most others who are genuine and reputable have no respect for Sylvia Brown as the person she has evolved into since she became famous. I find her tactics rude, brash and down right arrogant.

Please don’t judge the rest by her example.
Carrie A

29. paralleldivergence - 17 May, 2008

The discussion Carrie refers to above is here:

Carrie said: Point well taken, and I wish I could answer that. But please understand that those who become aware of information do not always know the timeframes and specifics together, hence my points earlier about the pieces of the puzzle being hard to put together. Sometimes you know timeframes, other times you don’t.

Timeframes are often the most difficult, although there are times when you know without a doubt because it is relevent to the information in some unchangeable way, like 9/11. That’s different than when it applies to things that can be changed from what they currently have the potential to be, like Chicago. We often do not know the difference right away.

Respectfully, I think you understand why people are so hesitant to put theirself out there. Your expectations are that we know all and nail it to the wall when it is rarely that simple. And yes, I understand that under those circumstances it can make even the most genuine advisor look suspect. But that does not make it any less credible.

PD said: Thanks for the discussion Carrie. I look forward to reading about the amazing information you’ve channeled (conduited) from the future.

30. Jerry - 1 July, 2008

Hey man… I just listened to a podcast over at Steve Pavlina’s about his wife being psychic. Those two are fully convinced. Steve wouldn’t risk his multi-million dollar blog on promoting her unless they really believed it. Me? I have had a couple things that made me believe in something. I’ve stopped blogging at iTalktoGod and I’ve started FarkedLife.com not sure you’ve stopped by yet – I haven’t seen your usual barrage of excellent comments there yet. I’m hoping for them… hahah. Psychic stuff happens occasionally. I don’t doubt that. Now, whether it’s coincidence or something really going on is anyone’s guess. I don’t believe anyone is able to control it at will. I’m reading needle and damage done next. Good to re-find your blog here…

31. paralleldivergence - 1 July, 2008

Hey Jerry! Yes, it’s very funny that Steve, who is very much against religion can be so very much into psychics, mysticism and hocus pocus. Whatever brings the bucks in I suppose.

Yes, I miss the old iTalktoGod posts. At one point I was compiling a set of questions that I was going to post on your site for you to ask him. This was one of them:

“Why do you give us logic and reasoning skills, but then do not want us to apply these skills when it comes to you?”

32. Jerry - 1 July, 2008

Yeah exactly – that’s my whole argument… I am very logical and there isn’t a possibility of faith inside me – it just doesn’t exist. How am I NOT to apply what I know, how I function towards figuring out the truth about a god? Nobody else has the objective truth obviously so – I’d need to come to some conclusion on my own – right? aaahhhh boy. I tired rather quickly of the italktogod blog but the new one might be around for a while. Similar stuff. Wider range of topics. Keep up the good work here – I’ll stop signing in as Jerry here! – Vern

33. Mary Kay - 2 January, 2009

Was reading the different post and thought some might find this interesting. Everyone is psychic, at least this is what the research at Princeton University seems to indicate. The PEAR project was headed by the dean of engineering for over 20 years.


After thousands of case studies, they claimed that “remote perception” exist “beyond chance.” They also claim accuracy with “remote perception” is interdependent upon the time or space (you can look at something a thousand miles away 10 years back). What do those guy at Princeton know about anything though. – Mary Kay

34. paralleldivergence - 2 January, 2009

Hi Mary Kay,

It’s great to add additional resources from both sides of the argument to the comments, so thanks for that.

If these “agents” and “percipients” were able to replicate these journalled results under test conditions they’d be able to claim a hefty reward from James Randi. Even if they didn’t want the money themselves, they could pass it onto a needy charity.

Why do you think it is that they haven’t done so? The same question can be asked of any claimants of paranormal powers – why don’t they wish to “prove” their abilities (obviously many have tried without success) – yet the reward has stood unclaimed (and growing) for decades.

Further, the “Contact Us” page at your link states that “…the PEAR laboratory has closed…”. You asked: “What do those guys at Princeton know about anything though.”? I guess Princeton U decided enough was enough. But the guys that ran the show have spun-off into their own private organization as explained at the “Future” link at your recommended site. Why? One of their goals is:

Advising corporate efforts dedicated to the realization of beneficial applications in various sectors of society. In this context, we hope to involve cogent entepreneurs and visionary venture capitalists,s for whom the ultimate market deployments could be huge, in mutually profitable collaborations. One such enterprise has been initiated with Psyleron, Inc.”

Again, I reckon if they want a quick, honest buck, they should approach Randi. But maybe “honesty” isn’t part of their mission statement. 🙂

35. Mary Kay - 2 January, 2009

I’m not sure, but my guess is that Mr. Randy never had an intention of giving up the reward and he created it for what it’s accomplished – great publicity for Randy!

Who knows!

Anyways, I’m always careful about trusting a magician – their whole game is to trick you.

I probably lean more towards what the brains at Princeton have to say.

36. Anna - 15 February, 2010

Real psychics wouldn’t want to reveal themselves so easily by entering in a stupid $1,000,000 contest.

paralleldivergence - 15 February, 2010

Hi Anna, So you’re saying that “real” psychics don’t want anybody to know they are psychic? Maybe so they can keep their lottery winnings all to themselves? Oh yeah – no psychics have ever won the lottery… 🙂

37. ken meaux - 3 March, 2010

being psychic is not about winning the lotto anymore than being a doctor you can heal EVERYTHING!!

38. Mocha - 4 March, 2010

I think the biggest problem here, is that there are a lot of people who do not understand the full scope of psychic abilities. It’s not just about predicting the future. Believe it or not, some psychics can’t do that. I am a psychic and I have given people who I have never met very specific information about themselves. My abilities are that I can see, hear and feel things. I can also talk to people who have specifically crossed over.

I am not 100% accurate on anything and nor would I care to be. I have trouble interpreting information. I mix up timelines. Sometimes when I read for something, they ask about 1 person and I am reading someone totally different. I do not know how accurate any of the information I am getting is until my clients verify it.

Some examples I could give on this would be (I won’t get into specifics, just due to client confidence):
– Giving someone specific details on how their loved one died, with only a name. The person who had crossed over had also given me a name which happened to be their mother–whom this person was good friends with.
– I read for someone who wanted to know about their career, but I ended up telling them very specific details about how their grandmother had died. The only thing I got wrong was that I thought it was a male.
– I did a reading for someone who wanted to know about person A. The details were coming in very clear, but they told me I was incorrect. The details kept coming. Turns out I was reading very accurately about someone else who was on their mind at the moment of the reading.
– With some clients, they will want to know when they will hear from someone. My timing stinks, but with at least 4 of them, like clockwork, if I tell them there will be communication at that time (without them communicating first), the communication comes.
– Once I saw someone getting into an argument with a loved one. I saw glass everywhere in what I mistook as broken glass bottles (the loved one had a drinking problem). That was wrong. It wasn’t glass bottles. The person was pushed into a glass table, which shattered everywhere, by the loved one.

This is just a small sampling of things I have seen, heard or felt. What may be surprising is that I am also a skeptic and I actually don’t believe a whole lot about what the metaphysical community accepts. All I know is that clearly SOMETHING is happening. I attribute this to biology. I believe that these abilities do exist as a form of heightened instinct. Since we no longer need this instinct for finding out where to hunt for food, obtain suitable mates, etc, some of us, still retaining a fairly strong sense of this intuition that has been utilized with the changing of the times.

Concerning whether or not a psychic has ever won the lottery, I know one who has, but it was only $500 and due to religious beliefs, she does not believe she is “psychic.” She had seen the numbers in a dream. On the whole, I don’t think most psychics are able to receive that type of information. I don’t do well with numbers or timing at all. If I could receive lottery numbers, I’d definitely give it a try.

39. Naomie - 28 July, 2010

Do i have psychic abilities

Karma - 20 August, 2011

There are a number of tests you can take. Most people who think that psychics exist will tell you that everyone is psychic, it is about tapping into that dormant ability within you.
If you have had precognition – things like knowing when something is going to happen, even if something small like the phone ringing and you knowing who it was even though the call itself was unexpected, this type of thing can be an indicator that some psychic skills are there.
Working to refine how to tap into your unconscious using guided meditations will also help. Search online there is a lot of information out there.

40. Naomie - 28 July, 2010

how do i communicate with guardian angel

41. Shocked2bits - 1 April, 2011

This is very sad for you to be posting “a how to guide for cold readings” I will tell you something… I AM a real psychic and I work online! This is not something that CAN be learned! You HAVE to be born with it.. your doing nothing more than condoning CON ARTIST.

paralleldivergence - 1 April, 2011

Hi Shocked2Bits. I didn’t post the guide, I just linked to it, and there are plenty of different ones to choose from – http://www.bing.com/search?q=guide+to+cold+reading&src=IE-SearchBox&FORM=IE8SRC
I apologise if it’s stealing all your tricks.

42. Karma - 20 August, 2011

its rather like saying a psychologist is a fraud. People turn to psychics at times of need or when they need that extra something, whether that is due to loss/grief or a need to connect with something more spiritual.
Cold reading is a way of reading people, the same techniques are used in branches of psychology, such as NLP. Are there charlatans out there? yes, without a doubt, vultures who take advantage and pray on peoples weaknesses when they are most vulnerable. In the same way that there are con artists, thieves and those who do deliberately shoddy work.
Are there genuine psychics, yes, I think there are, I have met some amazing people with talents I simply cannot explain. These are usually very genuine people who simply want to help, for many they cannot even explain what they do.
James Ranndi et al wish to debunk this “psychic myth” yet they fall short of going after disproving religion. We can accept a men was the son of God (as one example of faith) but we cannot accept that there is another realm (or more) where this son of God resides and where our disembodied spirits pass to that can create a connection? Is it me, or is that a little but hypocritical?
EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion but if speaking with a psychic or even a gifted and caring cold reader helps, then really…what is the actual problem as long as the service delivers comfort.

43. Karma - 20 August, 2011

oh by the way, we dont know if Psychics have won the lottery or not, that is prediction about a none specific event so there is no reason that should have a higher, warning vibrational message. I’m sure of at least 2 psychics that have won the lottery. I am going to be writing in more detail about this on the http://www.psychics-live.com site as I think it is a question raised many times and one worthy of a legitimate and considered answer.
Also Uri Geller (who I know most think is this VAST fraud) is a multi millionaire not from his media work back in the 80’s but from his diamond mines. Located by “dowsing”, pretty good going for a skill that does not exist 🙂

44. Noelani Rodriguez - 21 January, 2012

Thanks for this. I quit my day job and I’m glad I did.

45. Vicker - 16 February, 2012

There are many kinds of delusion, illusion and confusion, and they aren’t just confined to the so-called ‘psychic’ realms. Scientific rationalism and atheism are also awash with projection, illusion and delusion. It’s a peculiarly human condition. Indeed, it’s a paradox.

Why not set up a Love challenge? A million dollars to anyone who can prove that love exists and is testable, rather than an alleged process of consciousness… love can be an illusion, a myth and a snare. But for anyone who has experienced it, its reality is beyond question. When you’re talking about the so-called ‘psychic’, you’re talking about consciousness. You can’t test it. You can test for electrical charge in the brain etc but you can’t measure the subjective experience and that is what is at stake.

The more people become tuned to their own processes of consciousness by means of meditation, silence, experience (and i suspect the authors of this article have had no experience of life beyond the keyboard), they would need neither dubious psychics nor dubious rationalists to explain away their fears.

But then, compared to you, what would I know? 😉

46. Noelani Rodriguez - 1 March, 2012

Everyone is gifted. If you’ve ever had a hunch or a “feeling” about something, you’re gifted. So actually gifts are a myth.

The Bible talks about the gift of prophecy and how everyone should develop it.

Psychics get a bad rap but it is actually a legacy of mocking anything that doesn’t rely on big churches or big government to get its ideas. Every spiritual tradition talks about psychic abilities as a side benefit to the spiritual path. Try one, lol.

47. Samigene - 4 August, 2012

I truly believe that we all have psychic gifts. Lots of people are scared of it. I have seen ghosts, had prophetic dreams, can hear others through telepathy. I fail to tell everyone or none because people look at you like you’re not of this planet. I heard from my father three months after he passed. Some believe it and some look at you like okay.

48. Anna - 30 October, 2016

How disgusting to suggest people should go out doing cold readings! Not only is it a disgusting suggestion, it also put those of us who have worked for years learning to meditate and channel information in bad light. Yes, as in all walks of life there are people who are dishonest, but to suggest that everyone is is awful.

Skeptics keep talking about cold readings but honestly, how many psychic read face to face anymore? A large portion of us are at home and work online. We do not know anything about the person we read for, the person is not present and we record ourselves and send the video link to the person. Cold reading is not possible when a person is not present and when you have no physical evidence of who the person is, what they look like etc. I challenge any skeptic to do this work, make a 45 min long video reading with detailed information about the client’s life, feelings etc and see if people are coming back and saying that the reading blew their mind and made them laugh, cry and heal. If you are psychic you will be able to get information that is mind blowing that you could not have known such as seeing scenarios from the person’s life (e.g. they are in the supermarket, pick up an ice cream, read the label and feel sad since it contains an ingredient they are allergic too), you may see a dream they had the other day (in their head, when sleeping that NO ONE knew about), give them the name of a company that they will end up going to for a job interview next week that they had no idea they were going to and tell them details such as what they would have named their child that was born 10 years ago if he/she was of the opposite sex…countless pieces of information you could not know.

Perhaps psychic readings are not paranormal – there might be a logical explanation such as that we use our brain in a way we do not quite understand yet…BUT to encourage people to do cold readings for cash is the work of a very low frequency.To suggest that all psychics are fraud, especially if you have never experiences receiving psychic information through meditation – is ignorant.

I understand cynics – I was one until I started having paranormal experiences. No, it was not out of fear of dying or a tragic event – it just happened. I have a Psychology degree and I was at peace believing in nothing at science…so, before you judge others and their experiences that you have not had – think beyond your current understanding. Apart from dedicating my life to this calling and doing large numbers of free readings and so forth, no one can even claim that this is a smart career choice in terms of money. Surely working towards becoming the head of a Psychology department would have made me more money and faster?

So, think again before you judge others and areas that you have no experience in.

paralleldivergence - 31 October, 2016

Uh yeah. It was a comedy piece.

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