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A Tribute to the Internet’s Funny Photos 9 January, 2007

Posted by paralleldivergence in funny photos, Humor, Internet, Life, Music, My Thoughts, Weird Al.

I’ve spent way too long at goofingoff.com – I have to finish that report I’m supposed to be doing. Let’s see. The eleven major Ad Valorem rates reduced to Central Excise of 16%, Merit Rate of 8% and Demerit Rate of 24%. [You have new mail]. What? I don’t have time for this! It’s from Jerry. [Subject: You gotta see this!]. I don’t have time now Jerry! My God! How many times has this been forwarded before it got to me? Bwahaha! That’s so cool! I have to forward this to the rest of the accounts team!

 Windows Vista crash

Funny photos and the Internet have become truly synonymous. These anonymous snippets of life, sometimes photoshopped, sometimes real, have brought joy to millions of office workers the world over. They say a picture tells a thousand words, and in the case of the above photograph, a thousand memories…You goddamn Microsoft piece of crap! No! No! I’m sorry Windows. I love you. Without you I wouldn’t have a job. Nice Windows. Nice Windows. I’m going to restart you now, OK?

From funny road signs to strange accidents to stupid people. The subject matter is endless. And there’s even a spinoff industry – start with one funny photo and photoshop it into another – from Silly Mosh Girl to the Tourist of Death image galleries.

Sure, nowadays it’s all YouTube videos and Flash animations. Funny photos just don’t have the same impact as they once did when we were all living in dial-up modem world. Some of those photos were classics. Some deserve a second chance. So as my tribute to the Internet’s Funny Photos, I’ve put together a music video, with help from Weird Al Yankovic’s “You Don’t Love Me Anymore“. Watch, listen, laugh and enjoy…

Comments are appreciated.



1. tobeme - 10 January, 2007

Really enjoyed the video! Fun stuff, thanks for sharing.

2. Neal Watzman - 11 January, 2007

Enjoyable video with some classic images.

3. paralleldivergence - 11 January, 2007

Thanks tobeme and Neal!

4. Kevin - 23 December, 2007

that was fantastic! the internet wouldn’t be the same without these pictures. nice use of Weird Al as well!

5. paralleldivergence - 24 December, 2007

Glad you liked it Kevin.

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