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Family Snapshot 13 November, 2006

Posted by paralleldivergence in Half-Life 2, Music, My Thoughts, Peter Gabriel.

For some people, life blossoms and pampers. For me, life aches.

Why is your life spent in eternal sunshine while mine is in perpetual fog? I commute sixty miles each day just to make ends meet while you have no concept of what either end actually is. People hang on your every word. People hang up on me.

Family Snapshot

We’re not so different, you and I. We both were born. We both breathe. You might eat and sleep better than me, but you aren’t better than me. You aren’t better than me.

Where do we go from here, you and I? You have your diary planned – and so do I. We’re not so different. I see you. You aren’t better than me.

I wrote that piece back in 1980, not long after I first heard Family Snapshot by Peter Gabriel. It was one of the most powerful and moving songs of my early adulthood – and it drove me to write.

Recently, I dragged out that CD – Peter Gabriel III – Meltface – and I played it to my son. He’s a couple of years younger than I was when I first heard it. I discovered that times had changed – but yet, they hadn’t. “Family Snapshot” is still very powerful and moving, and it still inspires creativity. A week later, my son showed me what he had created. I realised it was no longer 1980. There was no pen or paper involved. This is what my son had made. Please watch and listen carefully.

Comments are appreciated.



1. tobeme - 14 November, 2006

I have just found your blog and I am finding it very interesting reading. I am looking forward to more time to enjoy your writing. Have a great day!

2. Lou (Linda) - 14 November, 2006

I left a comment on your “Hubble” entry a couple of days ago. WOW! I bet you never imagined the maelstrom your post would create, eh? I came back to see what other kinds of things made it into your blog. I remember this song from way back in junior high school. My brother was a huge Peter Gabriel fan so I heard him played often. I never understood the lyrics to this song though. I listened hard today. Pretty powerful. I don’t have kids of my own, but there are lots of other children in my life that could probably use more of my attention. Thanks for sharing this with “us”.

Would it be alright if I posted this video in my blog??

3. stuhasic - 14 November, 2006

I’m glad you liked it Linda. Sure you can post it.

4. nosugrefneb - 14 November, 2006

I haven’t heard this song in perhaps 10 years, but it was one of my favorites growing up. My dad introduced it to me too, as he listened to a lot of Peter Gabriel at the time. The final lyrics were particularly powerful for me because my parents had been divorced when I was very young, and I was just reaching the stage of life when having divorced parents who truly hated each other really sucked and was a huge inconvenience to me as a kid.

Your son seems to be pretty talented.

5. Is There a Child? « Blah Blah Blog - 14 November, 2006

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6. ituloy angsulong - 14 November, 2006

That’s interesting.. Nice work of ur son

7. Ben Hasic - 14 November, 2006

Thank you, that video was enjoyable to make. It took me most of a Sunday not too long ago and I’m proud of how it came out. Even a few of my teachers have told me how much they enjoyed it.

Thank you again, and I’ll make a nice Brad & Phil – Parallel Divergence issue for the Hubble Killed God post.

8. mark - 14 November, 2006

hey ben

was photostory used to create this?

thanks… i love peter gabriel


9. Ben Hasic - 14 November, 2006

No Mark, I used MemoriesOnTV v3 Home. It’s alot more powerful than photostory and also burns directly to DVD including DVD Menu authoring. You can read about it here – http://www.codejam.com

I believe that Stu’s work has arranged bulk educational pricing for NSW public schools, email him if you’d like to get it.

Thanks again.


10. Marsha J. O'Brien - 16 November, 2006

Very interesting blog. Very nice work “our” son did. You are right – we are not so
different, you and I. We are all of the humankind, eh?

A long way to drive each day to make ends meet. My husband says its cost to live…
we work to make ends meet too.

While you are driving think about taking a good deep breath once in a while. It will
help you to relax and invigorate you at the same time. You deserve that for all you do.

The Hubble Killed God post did inspire thought. Thanks and CREATE a wonderful day for yourself!

11. paralleldivergence - 16 November, 2006

Hi Marsha,

The intro to the article is a bit of creative writing I did 25+ years ago. I only drive 5 miles to work… 😉

12. Andrew Chorney - 17 November, 2006

Amazing work; thanks for sending me the link!

It’s quite a nice coincidence, as the image of Peter Gabriel you happened to see that time on my blog is randomly generated from a pool of images I’ve selected. 🙂

13. Ujj - 26 November, 2006

Nice work Ben ! Keep it up..lovely song.. I think I should write something too.. 🙂

14. Taylor - 27 November, 2006


15. scott butki - 15 July, 2011

Great work, Ben

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