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The Trouble with Web 2.0 28 October, 2006

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Once upon a time, publishing webpages was solely the domain of a relatively select few. Those who had the ability to code in HTML, who knew how to use FTP to upload files and who had access to space on a webserver connected to the Internet. A decade ago, GeoCities was one of the first sites to offer free webspace for the general public to post their own pages. Many, many bad pages were produced, mainly because you still needed technical skills and ultimately, it was a sea of static pages providing one-way communication. And just because you had technical skills, it didn’t mean you also had writing and layout skills.

Web 2.0



Children of Men 27 October, 2006

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I hadn’t been to the movies for quite some time. I didn’t even really know much about this movie called Children of Men, but something was telling me to go watch it.  OK, I probably shouldn’t call my wife “something”, not when she has such great taste when it comes to movies (and husbands). Anyway, last weekend, off we went. It took about two minutes for the film to grab me, shake me and glue me to the seat.

Children of Men


Will P.C. Destroy the World? 21 October, 2006

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No, I’m not referring to Microsoft’s undeserving world dominance at the expense of Apple, I’m talking about Political Correctness. To most people, P.C. is viewed as little more than a joke, but this perception has given it the ability to insidiously erode the foundations and values that make up a democratic society. Like a termite colony, P.C. has been munching on logic, commonsense, discussion and free speech. Our society depicts a strong, healthy and modern facade, but a tiny scratch to the surface reveals an unsure, hesitant, cautious, insecure and frightened population.

Politically Incorrect


Mac vs Windows: Yet another Parallel Divergence 13 October, 2006

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We’ve all seen the ads. “Hello, I’m a Mac”, “And I’m a PC”. If not, go here. I can’t think of any other TV advertising campaign that has a running series spanning fifteen different ads over such a short period of time.  Sure, we did have the old Pepsi vs Coke Taste Test ads – the ‘Pepsi Challenge’, and this very clever one, but they don’t go anywhere near highlighting so many differences between two directly competing products as the Apple campaign does.

Apple vs Windows


Brad & Phil: Parallel Divergence 12 October, 2006

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Since my son inspired me to start a blog and helped me with the layout, I decided to give him a little job.  A blog that’s just full of text can be pretty boring in spite of the best creative writing efforts that may have gone into constructing it.  A good blog needs a hook.  Now I know it’s been done before, but I think if I include a (hopefully) witty and original cartoon with most of my posts, then that may just be the hook I need.


Things change… 10 October, 2006

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While I’ve been writing software and making websites for many years, one thing I’ve never had is a blog.  It’s obvious that I’m jumping into this scene relatively late, but for me it’s just another reinforcement that things change

This is particularly so if technology has any sizable part of your life.  Just when you think you’ve got it all together.  Just when you think things are going well.  Just when you think you know exactly where you are heading.  Suddenly there’s a curve. Suddenly there’s a hill. Suddenly your clear vision’s obscured. That’s change

Problem is, we all need to have a role in change. Some people drive change – like the YouTube co-founders that just converted their 20-month old website into a US$1.65B windfall.  Some people are early-adopters of change and end up leading a huge band of followers of change. Some people only change as a very last resort – when they absolutely have to.  Then unfortunately, some people never change. And we have to live and work with all of these types of people. It’s no wonder true change is so difficult to achieve.

Parallel Divergence is my small tangible effort to facilitate certain aspects of voluntary change with some of those people I come into contact on a more regular basis. By adding your comments, maybe you can help me change as well.

Brad & Phil #002